one of a kind


Since beginning my woodworking journey, I have always enjoyed creating wood American flags for friends, family and customers. I have made a variety of sizes, color variations and with custom details on them but always had the waving flag idea in the back of my head.

In 2017, I partnered with three other makers across the US for a Makers Giveaway where each of us created our own flag in whatever style we wanted to that would then be given away to the winner. My version I created was carved and painted out of a 3/4" plywood sheet and measured 36" wide (pictured below).


In January 2018, I was commissioned by my cousin to create a flag scaled up to 6ft wide to be on display in the front of his office. After 10 hours of planing down 2x6 pine, gluing, carving the ripples, and then hand painting, the final product turned out better than I could have imagined!

A very special thanks to the local Bennington, NE Fire and Rescue for allowing me to use their Tribute Hall and a beam from the World Trade Center as my backdrop for this these photos. Learn more about this department here.